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We've moved into the season of ACTION, so here I go!

Spring Launch

I officially launched Rosebud Apothecary on the Spring Equinox this year. It was a lot of work to get the website set up and operational. The banking, the tax set up, the licenses...there is a ton of backend stuff that goes into starting a small business let alone learning the new platform for this e-commerce site. I'll admit that after the launch party I had a bit of a meltdown and needed to rest for a bit.

Rest. Rest?! Hahahaha!!

This Spring we put our house on the market, I dove into my full-time marketing job, we squeezed my son through his sophomore year of high school, and my oldest daughter graduated. Rest has not been a thing. But I did take a break from Rosebud Apothecary, simply out of self-preservation. The only time I could have worked on it was during the 7-1/2 hour I allocate for sleep (I don't mess with my sleep schedule!).

The Summer Solstice was just a week ago. It's hard for me to believe Spring came and went without me coming back to this passion business of mine. But as the dial turns and as life goes, I find myself in the most yang season of the year, the season ruled by the sun, ready to bring my focus back to this little business of mine.

Why? Because I must. Spring was full of a lot of activity that was focused outside of myself. Support of my kids, task-oriented "doing," and a lot of deep flowing emotion and healing for myself personally. But Rosebud Apothecary was born out of my passion for helping people. Out of my love of nature and turning to her to help us heal and harmonize on every level. Rosebud Apothecary is my creative and intuitive outlet. It's a way for me to connect with people on a really deep level. I miss this work and it's time to come back to it, for my own wellbeing and for the good it does in the world.

So today I did some work on the website to make it a little more user-friendly. And I learned how to install a blog on the site! I miss writing and sharing my inspiration with you all, so I'm so happy to have this portal on rosebudapothecary.com. I hope you'll read along as I share about myself, about essential oils, CBD, self-care, nature, passion, boundaries, parenting, aging, goal-setting...all the things that jazz me up that I put in a box in the garage for a bit (along with everything else so I could stage the house for sale!).

The website still needs a lot of work, so as always, if I can help you with a blend, a pure essential oil, some CBD products, or anything else, shoot me an email at connect@rosebudapothecary.com . I'm here for you. XOXO

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